Saturday, January 28, 2012


I came across a hoard of pictures clicked a couple of years ago and I just had to share.This is my grandparents' house in Kerala..
View of the house from the road

Used to be a textile factory owned by my grandfather

View from the house

For those who love seafood:)

Arabian sea..a few minutes from home..

Can't wait for my trip to India:)

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  1. I loveeeeee Kerala it's an amazing natural beauty place but didn't get a chance to visit ur grandparents house is very beautiful

  2. wow...this is so all the greenery and by the beach..what more one can ask:)

  3. I am nostalgic now....:) Your grandparents' home reminds me so much of mine and the food....drooling!! This is what happens when you live thousands of miles away from your heritage:)

  4. I love.. love.. see food.. wow!! that home is awesome!

  5. Lovely lovely place :)
    And yes I get your need for minimalism!