Thursday, December 29, 2011

Handmade Christmas

My Christmas tree usually has less traditional ornaments and more actual ornaments(read 'jewelry':). But this year I decided to get a few handmade ornaments from various parts of the world. So along with earrings and mardi gras masks, there is a Nepali angel in sari, a yellow scooter from India, musicians from Guatemala and a wooden block from Bangladesh.

I did not stop at ornaments. I made these gift card holders for my baby's  daycare teachers. White paper envelopes did not feel nice enough to give to those ladies who spend their whole day amidst hyper babies. Of course, they look very amateurish, but I loved making them! (I have to find the tutorial I used and link it here)

Linking to Color Dekor's Santa Stories.

Friday, December 2, 2011

New space

Sigh..I have never been loyal to my blogs and this blog I like so much.Poor rickshaw.
It's not for lack of a proper nook to blog in but I still wanted to show off my new office space, which after dreaming about for so long happened very fast after an unplanned visit to OfficeMax which had a sale on what I wanted.I am not too crazy about the chair but it is super comfortable.

This is the only angle i could take pictures from because the Mr. has not moved his stuff and the rest of the space does not look as clean as this :).And please don't mind my pale money plant because my fingers are only that green..:|