Monday, April 1, 2013

Purple Rickshaw's very own kids clothing store!

So this is what I have been busy with the last few months, my very own clothing store for babies and toddlers :).We currently have tshirts and onesies, and all designs are inspired by India.
 My little model has been very cooperative and loves the designs:)

More designs and pictures here: 
Purple Rickshaw

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  1. My this is amazing....Congratulations.liked ya on Facebook and love that red T shirt with elephant ....

  2. Very beautiful designs! All the best for your future endeavors!

  3. this is beautiful.loved are you .no news?

  4. These are too good, am definitely checking out your site. I have a toddler ready to go with these cute tees :) And congrats on your pregnancy, take care.

  5. These are so the colors !!!!! Wishing you luck with your venture !!!