Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paintings up the stairs

There were too many paintings, some experimental, some time-killers,some not good enough for a wall and some waiting to be completed. And finally they all got a not-so-glamorous resting place, up the stairs...temporarily i hope.So many to-dos I am itching to do and only 24 hours in a day :|

Linking this to my first blog party at Colours Dekor :)


  1. :) I know what you mean by having too many things to do and too little time...and I have several of those unfinished projects too:):)

  2. It is a nice way to display half finished paintings,I agree all have unfinished projects bulging the cupboards.but this presentation makes it more unique,first I didn't realise those are all unfinished after reading it only I came to know
    cheers for more lovely projects

  3. Great paintings, I like the cluster! Nice blog Purple Rickshaw :) Will drop by often.

  4. wow.. such beautiful paintings!!! love the vibrant bright colors!!!!

  5. I have joined the blog.have been seeing your comments on my blog for the couple of times.was wondering who it was?
    yes another friend through blogger world.lovely posts so far and the painitngs...
    keep the spirit up.
    thanks for all the lovely messages on my blog.

  6. Hope you get some time to finish them off... I soooo wanna see the completed versions.

  7. Absolutely stunning paintings... and a gorgeous blog.. Im following you now.. and am hoping to see loads of inspirations at your gorgeous blog!! Well done!! and Happy Blogging..

  8. That's the most creative idea I have seen in the recent past. They all look so wonderful on the staircase. First time here on your blog :-)

  9. beautiful paintings...great colors. I am following you. If you get a chance I would love if you can stop by my blog:)